AnimalWatch Vi Suite

Pre-Algebra Readiness for Students with Visual Impairments

National Intervention Study Recruits More Than 50 Students

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We spent all of 2014 recruiting teachers and students for our national intervention study, and we have had great success! We have more than 50 students representing close to 20 states. Their teachers have had the opportunity to complete online training to learn about the AnimalWatch Vi Suite project, how the app works, and what their responsibiities are during the study. Since October students have had their hands on the app, and teachers are seeing positive results. A TVI of a low vision student shared with us, "[The student] struggles completing math problems with pencil/paper. I saw how fast she was able to complete the math problems on the scratch pad. I had not thought to use a scratch pad on the iPad until working with the AnimalWatch Vi Suite app. Just another AT tool to add to the VI toolbox of VI accommodations." We have four presentations scheduled for 2015 already (CSUN, CTEBVI, the AFB Leadership Conference and the Principal of the Schools for the Blind Math/Science Institute). If you're at one of these conferences, put our session on your schedule.