AnimalWatch Vi Suite

Pre-Algebra Readiness for Students with Visual Impairments

Students Are Using the App!

Friday, February 28, 2014

These Arizona students are using the AnimalWatch Vi Suite app along with its accompanying materials. They're giving us feedback about what works and what changes would be helpful to them. Site visits enable researchers to observe students in "real time."

Student writes with finger on iPad The option of writing with a finger or stylus to work out computation is one of the appeals of the app for students with low vision.


Student explores tactile graphics. Tactile graphics prepared by AWViS partner Tactile Vision are well received by this braille reader. This student said he would like the graphics in his textbooks to be made like this!


Student works with scratch pad. This student loves the scratch pad but does have several ideas on how we can improve it so she can use it for a longer computation.
Student compares poison frog model size with paper clip. The small size of the poison frog can be difficult to grasp. The paper clip on the graphic provides a comparison to the 3D model of the frog, which is the actual size of the real thing!
Student uses the print booklet with the iPad. Graphics needed to solve problems are not only available on the app screen but also in a booklet. The project has provided both a print booklet and a braille booklet.