AnimalWatch Vi Suite

Pre-Algebra Readiness for Students with Visual Impairments


  • Dr. Derrick Smith

    Derrick Smith, Ed.D.

    Associate Professor of Education, University of Alabama in Huntsville

    Dr. Smith's research focus is on developing more effective assistive technologies for students with visual impairments and barriers to technology use by those students. He will assist the AnimalWatch Vi project team in developing the math content for iDevice apps, braille materials, and accessible graphics. As the project progresses, Dr. Smith will lend his expertise to help design our data collection instruments and procedures.

  • Ms. Susan Osterhaus

    Susan Osterhaus, M.Ed.

    Secondary Mathematics Teacher, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

    Ms. Osterhaus is an outreach consultant at TSBVI. She is nationally recognized in her work in the area of mathematics for students with visual impairments. She is supporting the AWViS project team in the development of instructional resources to be used by students with visual impairments in grades 5 – 9 in building their math skills.
    More about Ms. Osterhaus

  • Tactile Vision logo

    Tactile Vision, Inc.


    Tactile Vision, Inc. has prepared accessible graphics in both braille and large print.

  • Diane Everhart

    Diane Everhart

    Certified Braille Transcriber

    Diane Everhart, a certified braille transcriber who is a retired teacher of students with visual impairments, is working with our team to prepare braille materials to accompany the accessible graphics.

  • Lucia Hasty

    Lucia Hasty


    Lucia Hasty provided consultation services on the development of braille materials and accessible graphics through her company, Rocky Mountain Braille Associates, LLC. She is recognized for her work in the area of tactile graphics and braille production and is a retired teacher of students with blindness and visual impairment.
    More about Lucia and Rocky Mountain Braille Associates and Tactile Graphics

  • Danielle Cummings

    Danielle Cummings


    Danielle Cummings worked with our team to develop solution videos for students to use as they complete word problems. Topics include adding negative numbers and finding a common denominator. Danielle is a December 2014 University of Arizona graduate of our program to prepare teachers of students with visual impairments and a certified math teacher.