AnimalWatch Vi Suite

Pre-Algebra Readiness for Students with Visual Impairments

For Teachers

What is AnimalWatch Vi Suite?
The AnimalWatch Vi Suite is a package containing an iPad app and supplemental materials. The app provides students in pre-algebra an opportunity to solve word problems using authentic science data about endangered species. The math topics covered tie to the Common Core. There are 24 units on a wide variety of math topics. Each unit contains introductory material about the animal and six word problems. Students receive a booklet in their reading medium that contains a graphic of each animal and graphics (e.g., pie graph, bar graph, map) needed to solve two out of six of the word problems for the unit.

How can I get the AnimalWatch Vi Suite to use with my students?
We are pleased to share that the American Printing House for the Blind will make this product available on federal quote funds. Our project team continues to work with APH on the development of the project.  Please do not contact them to ask when the product will be available. Look for announcements on listservs, and in the APH News. There are a lot of materials APH needs to prepare!

Can I see a demonstration of AnimalWatch Vi Suite?
Below are links to videos in which the app is demonstrated. 

Watch a video of a student with low vision
viewing one of the introductory animal pages in the app and using the glossary.
Dr. Rosenblum demonstrates some of the features of the app
available to students as they solve word problems in the app. This video is part of our teacher training.